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    Turner are the powerhouse behind some of broadcasting’s most enduring brands, operating in over 150 locations worldwide. Turner currently own and actively develop 35 broadcast icons including CNN, HBO and Cartoon Network. We were invited in to develop Heroes, a user generated photo platform Cartoon Network and Adult Swin in 2011.

    The ultimate challenge with a company this size is maintaining consistency across a diverse set of requirements for projects and their teams. Since 2011 we’ve launched websites, mobile apps and social competitions for Turner brands including Cartoon Network, Boomerang, TNT, Silver and Star. No two jobs have been the same and it’s proven important that we define new ways of measuring success.

    Starting out in children’s broadcasting was a great opportunity to flex our creative muscles. It also helped us address one of the ways we measure success - user accessibility. Launching digital products for kid’s broadcasting is an interesting challenge. Success is measured by pleasing two very different audiences - the children and their parents. Every product must be simple to use. We want to give kids the freedom to use Turner digital products without too much parental involvement. On the other hand, we want to provide parents with the peace of mind to allow this to happen.

    Obviously for a broadcast company, visual accessibility is a must. Every product is built to look and watch well on a mobile device. Scaling up from that base ensures a great viewing experience. As our relationship with Turner has grown, we’ve introduced new technology, designed to refine online viewing.

    Naturally for a broadcasting brand, we have measured success in terms of total views and engagement. For instance, our Cartoon Network Christmas in November campaign helped boost engagement figures by 70% on the previous year. However, in house, we like to count success by the number of referrals and recommendations which have helped establish our reputation across Turner.

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