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    The existing 4Music website had dated badly by the time Channel 4 approached us for a new direction. Social sharing had become big news and the old site, aimed at the most socially engaged demographic of them all was losing ground.

    Our first task was to pick the old site apart to identify exactly why it wasn’t working for the people most likely to use it. The research phase threw up some interesting information about just how much content young users consume in a relatively short space of time. With a strategy for the user experience in place we began to look at how the functional bits would sit attractively with the visual identity. Much of this work was influenced by further rounds of user testing.

    All this research told us social sharing was vital to the 4Music audience. The 4Music team needed flexibility to stay abreast of the evolving social media landscape. Our new design allows digital platforms to be integrated and discarded as they fall in and out of fashion.

    Since its launch in January 2014 4Music have seen a real increase in visits. Their audience are consuming more content for a longer time. As a knock on effect, they’ve also experienced an uplift in social engagement with audiences travelling seamlessly from site to social and back again.

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    "Pretty difficult to pick holes in the way the Tokyo team took on the 4music.com responsive site brief, they just got it. They understood how critical rich imagery is to our youth audience, collaborated with our tech agency brilliantly and all within our crazily ambitious time frames."

    Melissa Pine

    Marketing Director, 4Music


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