Record Player

    Guinness invited us in to discuss content, terrabytes of the stuff. In an industry where everyone is scrabbling to create the next viral hit, Guinness World Records have been steadily stockpiling mountains of jaw dropping video content. The problem was, they didn’t know what to do with it.

    Guinness provided us with a raft of video content sorted into a handful of categories. The random nature of the film coupled with relatively short run times presented us with the risk of creating a digital blackhole. Introducing a playlist function to the site gave users the opportunity to sort the video into much longer, more engaging pieces.

    With a system in place, we set about developing and designing a brand identity, naming it Record Player. The advent of Google Chrome allowed us to think far more ambitiously about project development. Chrome is the perfect showcase for HTML5 and we developed a relationship with Google to simultaneously launch Record Player alongside their anticipated web store.

    Google showcased the Guinness World Records Record Player app at their IO conference in San Francisco. Within the first month, 100,000 users had downloaded the web app. By comparison, it had taken Guinness six years to acquire 250,000 YouTube subscribers.


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    Chrome Store Top Billing - UK, USA and China

    • Naked Roller Coaster - Nemesis Inferno
    • Football Neck Catch
    • Motorcycle Jump
    • Car Flip
    • Stretchiest Skin
    • Straitjacket


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